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      Address:No.7-76, Section 2, Beijing Street, Guta District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China

      Landline:0416-3921188 2636655

      Fax:0416-2629797 3921155

      Sales Tel:13364165678

      Technical consulting:13364165678


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      Jinzhou Ideal Packing Machine Co.Ltd


      Jinzhou Ideal Packing Machine Co.Ltd is a professional corporation which mainly produces medicine & food packing machines as well as various kinds of necessary accessories.

      The corporation owns an experienced sharp team, with sound management and devoting spirit, who are experts in the research, design manufacture of packing machines. With the foresighted, scientific thoughts and modern management, we put more efforts on the consideration to customers, and guarantee them the better, swifter and more effective service both home and abroad with responsible attitude.

      Our products include the full automatic multi-row back-sealing full automatic packing machine (multi-back row)  machine, DXDK series, four-side-sealing grain machines, powder and liquid packing machine, DPH series aluminum-plastic bubble cap packing machines HJ series cartoning machines and interrelated self-contained complete moulds. Based on them we are willing to collect your precious suggestions, with the guideline of doing everything for the users, we will strive to explore constantly and keep the products up to date. We sincerely hope to establish the long-term cooperation with you!

      Let us create our bright future together!

      Let us create our bright future together!

      Online Message

        Address: two 7-76, Beijing Road, Guta District, Jinzhou City
        Tel:0416-3921188 2636655 Fax:0416-2629797 3921155
        Copyright@www.ln-lxbz.com Jinzhou ideal packing machinery Co., Ltd. 遼ICP備09008386號

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