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      Address:No.7-76, Section 2, Beijing Street, Guta District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China

      Landline:0416-3921188 2636655

      Fax:0416-2629797 3921155

      Sales Tel:13364165678

      Technical consulting:13364165678


      DXDK series---stick packaging link line

      DXDK series---stick packaging link line


      DXDK series---stick packaging link line introduction

        DXDK multi-lane stick packaging link line is our company independently developed the new generation of product. It’s widely adapted to kinds of granules, powder, liquid and other materials. The packaging link line can complete a series packaging process that contain automatic filling, measurement, making bags, sealing, printing codes, cutting, outputting, ordering, sorting &counting, stacking, synchronization connecting cartoner, automatic cartoning, automatic inserting package insert, automatic checking weighing, finished outputting, removing failed products and so on. This link line can save human resources and increase productivity for user. It’s the development trend of mainstream pharmaceutical packaging equipment.
        This link line can complete one set or multi sets packaging machine combination with one set or multi set conveyors supply for one set cartoner. Customers can accord productivity selecting equipments arbitrarily. Achieve host and cartoner fully using.
        This link line can achieve each conveyor running independently; that can fully achieve insulating internal and external packaging room, avoid internal packaging room second polluting. Meet the new GMP certification requirements. This is the biggest advantage of the link line.


      Technical Parameters

      Bag size

      16.5mmW70mm; 50 mmL190mm




      4-12 lanes

      Crosscut frequency 

      Max yield /min

      Granule feeder up to 30~45 cuts/min

      Powder feeder up to 20~30 cuts/min

      Liquid feeder up to 20~40 cuts/min

      Max packing film wide




      Granule accuracy



      1-40 bags/carton

      Link line yield

      20-60 cartons/minaccording to bag type and dose counting

      Link line shape according to customer plant layout customization


        Address: two 7-76, Beijing Road, Guta District, Jinzhou City
        Tel:0416-3921188 2636655 Fax:0416-2629797 3921155
        Copyright@www.ln-lxbz.com Jinzhou ideal packing machinery Co., Ltd. 遼ICP備09008386號

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